ReadySet HIRED!
Top 10 Mistakes
Writing Resumes
Job Interviewing
Negotiating Offers
10 Steps
1. Getting Started
2. Writing Resumes
3. Using Job Boards
4. Working with Recruiters
5. Networking
6. Interviewing
7. Following Up
8. Negotiating the Job Offer
9. Resigning
10. Starting Your New Job
5 Actions
1. Cultivate a positive attitude
2. Get organized
3. Get to know yourself
4. Get a mentor or coach
5. Make a plan and take action
Top 10 Mistakes
Quick Tips
Dos & Don'ts to advance your job search
At-a-glance "Dos and Don'ts" are provided to help reinforce important ideas and considerations as you manage your job search. They are reminders and refreshers, helping to keep you on track with every action.
My Coaching
Get an edge over the competition
The coaching comments are intended to give you more insight into each of the actions. Whether it's through encouragement or "watch outs", you'll be getting the coach's perspective as you work through your job search activities.
How to use this website
10 Steps
This website is designed to help you find a job following 10 easy steps. If you're just getting started, you might want to follow the whole program from Step 1 through to Step 10. However, there's no need to start from the beginning if you need help just in a certain area. Click on any of the stand-alone steps to access actions, coaching comments, quick tips, checklists and more.

5 Actions
Each step is accompanied by 5 actions you should consider taking to help move you toward your objective of finding a job. Click on each action to activate the related narrative, coaching commentary, quick tips, motivational quotation, and other resources. The narrative serves to explain the action in more detail.

My Coaching
Coaching commentary is provided for each action to make sure you're on track and doing the right things.

Quick Tips
Dos & Don'ts are provided for each action to make you aware of "watch outs" and things to keep in mind while undertaking each action.

Checklists are provided for each step, giving you a one page overview of things you don't want to forget while working through your steps.

The SMART Worksheets that accompany some of the steps are designed to get you thinking and acting. Whether you are planning your job search or preparing to negotiate your job offer, the worksheets take you through the process and have you put pen to paper.

Examples of resumes, letters and scripts are included to help you get started. Use them to guide you in writing your own documents and creating your own scripts.

Document templates are provided as examples for you modify and personalize. Included are essential letters and resume samples to help get you started.

Our library contains a number of job search articles for your reference. We're continuing to grow our library, so be sure to check back regularly for new material.

Top 10 Mistakes
Top 10 lists of mistakes people make when looking for a job are provided for each step. Making an effort to avoid these mistakes will help you throughout your job search. Top 10 Mistakes on these and other topics can also be found in the Resources section.

Please take a moment to answer the ReadySet HIRED! poll question. We're using your answers to get a pulse on what's important to job seekers. This way, we can continue to create relevant resources and provide you with more great job search stuff!

Checklists, Worksheets, Samples, Templates, Articles, Top 10 Mistakes and more useful tools are all assembled in our Resources section.